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Ministries of the Church

Deacon Ministry

Brother Bertrand Britton (Trustee Chairman)
Brother Charles Britton
Brother Rickey Britton
Brother Lonnie Brunner
Brother Aubrey Cyrus
Brother Perry Ezell
Brother Hodgie Nelson
Brother Gary Taylor
Brother Willie Young (Deacon Ministry Chairman)

Deacon Mission Statement
Serving together as a spiritual governing body of the congregation by overseeing the Pastor, teams and committees, and overall wellbeing of the church.

Deaconess & Mother’s Ministry

Sister Mary J. Britton Sister Shelley Britton Sister Clarice Brunner Sister Shirley Carter Sister Mary B. Cyrus Sister Oreda DeBurr Sister Anna Toston-Edwards Sister Marilyn Ezell (President) Sister Clyde Hill Sister Betty Nelson Sister Jackie Taylor Sister Barbara Young Sister Serrita White

Deaconess and Mother’s Mission Statement
The responsibility of the deaconess ministry is to assist in the spiritually matters of the church as deemed expedient by the pastor, particularly where a tasks would be more realistically done by a female Christian.  If she is the wife of the deacon, she is a co-labor with him, to encourage him with compassion and understanding of his duties.  The deaconess ministry will prepare communion supplies, prepare candidates for baptism, follow up (after-care) with new converts, and visit the sick and shut-in as needed.

Music Ministry Director

Sister Barbara Young
Music Ministry Mission Statement To sing and make melody to the Lord, worshipping with song and artistic expressions that proclaim His truth and works that all might believe.

Youth Ministry Director

Sister Shelley Britton
Youth Ministry Mission Statement Planting JESUS in the heart of a child with enjoyable experiences through scripture, action, & deeds so when he old he will not depart from it.

Sunday School Superintendent

Brother Charles Britton
Sunday School Mission Statement
To train disciples to live transformed lives.

Children’s Church Ministry Director

Sister Luxola Green
Children’s Church Mission Statement
To create a Christian Community of children and help children trust Christ Jesus as our Savior.

Vacation Bible School Ministry Director

Sister Lynn Green
Vacation Bible School Mission Statement
To provide an opportunity for the children in our church and community to learn about Jesus Christ.

Pastor’s Aid Ministry

Sister Barbara Young
Pastor’s Aid Ministry Mission Statement
To assist the pastor financially, morally, and spiritually in his ministry.

Photography Ministry

Brother Charles Britton
Photography Ministry Mission Statement
The photography ministry captures the present.  It remembers the past with Amazing Grace, and a glimpse of the future with a flash.

Office Manager Director

Sister Barbara Britton
Office Manager Mission Statement
The mission of the Office Manager is to prepare all bank deposits, post all finances, pay all bills, prepare payroll, act as personal secretary for Pastor White, handle all correspondence, perform all clerical duties, work with the budget ministry, keep in touch with sick and shut-in by mailing cards to them every month, and always pray to the Lord for wisdom and guidance to do his work and do it to the best of my ability.

Praise Team Ministry

To honor and praise our Heavenly Father through dance and musical instruments.



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